“Art is not a mirror held up to reality. but a hammer with which to shape it.” -Bertolt Brecht

Culture Bending at Chicago Dramatists

Jens will be teaching in Chicago for the first time this winter! Get 20% off his class by reading on!

If you believe, as Brecht did... Culture Bending is for you.

Developed for Bechdel Project in NYC, it has been brought to Universities and Festivals across the country.

I'm thrilled to be offering it in Chicago for the first time at Chicago Dramatists. Whether you already have a concept you want to run with or are looking for inspiration, this class is sure to spark new ideas, renew your passions, and reaffirm your beliefs in both the power of theatre and yourself.

You can get 20% off by using promo code PartnerWinter20 at checkout!